Powering Generations:
Legacy to the Future

June 4th-6th

Session 6 — Kootenay Showcase

Lorri Fehr

Blending tradition with future skills and mindsets to re-create a relevant economic and social bridge between rural and urban B.C. is Lorri’s forte.

As the CEO of the Columbia Lake Technology Center (CLTC), she leads a team bringing together advanced manufacturing and tech companies, developers, investors and multiple levels of government to build a strong and sustainable economic future for rural communities.

With 20+ years as a senior educator in the preK-12+ system, Lorri has been deeply involved in sustainable community development. Her work on systemic innovation has contributed to a positive future for our students both locally and provincially. She is well known for her ability to create a shared vision and bring together the strengths of individuals to make the vision a reality. Her work with technology innovation demonstrates that rural B.C. can and will lead the way in the emerging global economy.

Lorri and Brian Fry are here to share what they have learned so far at the new and thriving Columbia Lake Technology Center – creating relevance and building on the strengths of our rural spaces.

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