Powering Generations:
Legacy to the Future

June 4th-6th

Official Conference Opening

Isabelle Deguise

Isabelle Deguise is a vice-chair at Clean Energy BC and has nearly 10 years of experience in BC’s renewable energy sector and has been a key player in the development, construction and operation of over 20 renewable energy projects.

She has played a large role in successfully permitting and constructing five hydro-electric projects in the past six years. Isabelle is responsible for regulatory and environmental aspects of projects under development, construction and operation for BluEarth Renewables, Canada’s most experienced pure-play renewable developer.

With three offices across Canada including one in Vancouver, Isabelle collaborates with a team that has a national perspective, as well as a depth of experience in BC. She brings this significant experience to the Board role as well as relationships with all levels of government and with First Nation partners and other stakeholders.

She is an experienced, passionate advocate for the clean energy sector, and has a robust understanding of the myriad of issues that face us in the province, including growth challenges the industry faces around the completion of Site C and positioning for new export opportunities. Isabelle has been serving with CEBC as a co-chair for the Hydro Committee for the past two years and plans to work on improving operational aspects of the more than 100+ operating projects in BC.

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